Drew Powell

A dedicated guitar player

Here’s what I found in my office on Sunday morning. He was scheduled to play that day.


Sunday Recap

Here’s my mind dump from yesterday.

  • Personally, the day started a little rough but I was able to push through. Personal victory.
  • I love doing what I do. Today was no exception. It’s a good gig.
  • The band felt really tight today.
  • The house mix sounded exceptionally great today.
  • The cover of “Whatever it Takes” by Lifehouse was a home run.
  • I’m excited about getting new people involved in the Creative Arts ministry. The “rookies” did great today.
  • I was expecting this week to be a downer after Easter but I was wrong. God’s doing something.
  • I feel a deepened hunger for worship in the people and in the worship team.
  • This sermon series on marriage and relationships has the potential to be one of the best yet. huge need.
  • Robbie’s message was a grand slam. I heard people talking of how helpful and timely it was to them.
  • I love hearing the stories of people’s lives being changed. I don’t want to ever get numb to it.

There are plenty of challenges that arise throughout a weekend but I choose to focus on the positive, the things that really count. If I’m not careful, I’ll allow the few negative to outweigh all the positive God is doing.