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“Gift of Worship” video
October 13, 2008, 8:02 am
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Robbie gave one of the best messages on worship that I’ve ever heard at Beachside on Sunday. He used this video at the end. I think it pretty much sums it up.


Creative Chaos

Last week we covered the song, “Whatever it Takes” by Lifehouse to kick off our “The Moment of Truth” marriage series. This week we’re talking about communication and we’re covering John Mayer’s “Say”. It’s funny because we really don’t do many covers but it just worked out that way on this series. In addition, we added in clips from “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Brangelina. It has some good counseling scenes. Also, for a teaching opener we play “Moment of Truth” montage videos like this one.

check back at Ragamuffin Soul for more creative entries….

Creative Chaos

Last week we used the coffin idea (which I already blogged about). That went really well and we’re going to do a follow up to that this weekend. We also used a video that we shot of our lead pastor doing a mini sermon. It was filmed a few weeks ago when we had people write on that back of a card something they wanted to yield to God. We then took the cards outside and burned them. Here’s the video.

For more creative ideas that are being used in local churches, check out Ragamuffin Soul for his latest “Creative Chaos” blog.

Creative Chaos

Los at Ragamuffin Soul started “Creative Chaos” on Thursday’s. I thought I would jump in on it although I already posted some stuff earlier in the week. I really want to post some of the stuff coming up by I can’t ruin the surprise. Let’s just say I’m excited about the creative content for Palm Sunday and Easter.

Here’s what we did last week on the creative side;

1. We ripped Fee’s “O Happy Day” video to open the song. here’s the youtube version.

2. We covered Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” to support the sexual addiction theme of the day.

3. Besides that we used the usual roll in videos to the sermon and for what’s coming up next week.

My Secret – Sexual Sin

Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s coming up this weekend. Last week we talked about addiction and confession. This week we talk about sexual sins. I’m glad to be a part of a church that’s not afraid to talk about real issues that are affecting the people’s everyday lives.

My Secret
February 23, 2008, 10:23 am
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I’m pumped about the new series we start tomorrow called “My Secret”. I think it will be powerful and hit close to home for a lot of us. Here’s the video promo for this week.

Three Words
October 18, 2007, 11:48 am
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I can’t explain why but this video is so powerful and moving to me. If you had three words to sum up your life right now what would they be? Mine would be, “purpose, priorities, balance”. What’s yours?