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The Moment of Truth

I happen to be flipping through the channel’s and found this show on fox, “The Moment of Truth”. Have you seen it? It was intense. I saw the show that everyone was talking about where the wife had to answer some tough questions about her marriage. Here’s a clip…

We’re doing “The Moment of Truth” as a marriage series next month. Robbie is going to be teaching on topics such as Bonding, Communication, and Parenting as it applies to marriage. He started blogging about this too. You can check it out here.

Here’s where we need you’re help. Give us some feedback on some questions we could use that would spark thought and maybe even make people squirm a bit. Here’s an example, “Have you ever used sex as a form of manipulation?” or “Do you ever wish you wouldn’t have had kids?”. That kind of stuff. I want to hear what you got. I need you to pull through for me on this one, blog world. Be creative. Be provocative. Start commenting. Go!!!


“Trick or Treat”
November 1, 2007, 7:03 pm
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Last night was great. This was our first year “trick or treating” in our new neighborhood. The people on our block were awesome. My cousin Shana, her husband Mike, and their kids Sophia and Evan came over for dinner. Rob Maurer and his sister Hannah met up later to cruise the block with us. It’s times like these where being a parent is just amazing. Grace dressed up as a bumble bee and Emmy was a lady bug. They were so friggin cute. That had so much fun going door to door and I had more fun watching them. If you think about it, what could be better for kids? You get to go up and down the street and every house you go up to they come out with a bucket of candy. For adults, it would be like going door to door and getting $20 bills. That would be pure joy. I attached some links to the pics so you can see the girly’s in their costumes. good times……

Emmy the lady bug

Gracie the Bumble Bee

October 14, 2007, 6:28 pm
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I feel like a broken record but God continues to show me things about His character through parenting and my children. Over the past couple weeks, Jamie and I have been faced with a somewhat minor challenge. Gracie (our oldest daughter), has developed a relatively significant stutter. We first noticed it a couple weeks ago and it’s not getting any better. Again, it’s not a big of deal, it’s pretty common for kids her age, and a strong majority of the time kids grow through it. Let’s just say we’re not freaking out over it. We know there are tons of people dealing with huge life threatening issues and God has blessed us with healthy children. Nonetheless, it bothers me that she has to deal with it. So far she hasn’t noticed it but it still affects me . My natural tendency¬† is to be defensive of her. Of course I don’t want her teased or embarrassed. The point is, the fact that she has this doesn’t make me love her less. As a matter of fact, it increases my love for her. As a father, it provokes me to want to protect and nurture her even more. My love for her is not based on what she does or even becomes but it is because of who she is.

It’s interesting how a lot of times we feel like our imperfections cause God to feel differently about us. I wonder if the opposite is true. God sees our imperfections and the places we fail and loves us because we’re His and because He payed a huge price for us. He wants us just as we are, imperfections and all. It’s good to know that I can’t do anything to make my Father quit loving me or even feel less about me.