Drew Powell

At least I know where I stand
October 8, 2008, 7:30 am
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Last night I asked my 4 year old daughter who she loved more, me or Cinderella? By the look on her face I knew I just dropped a bomb of a question on her. She looked at me and responded, “Daddy, I love you both…..differently.”

Good answer. At least I’m still in the running…


New Adventure
April 22, 2008, 3:15 pm
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I’m always looking for new things to experience with the girls, especially as they get older. So the new thing now is bowling. A good friend of ours had a birthday and we decided to take the girls with us to the bowling alley. We all had a blast. Emory didn’t bowl much but Gracie was all about it. Too bad I only beat Grace by 20 points! She was using a shoot to push the ball down though. I had to throw it myself. Here are some pics.

Gracie with her 6 pound ball…..

pushing the ball down the shoot…..

and a victory dance (i think this move is called, “Walk like and Egyptian”)…

Creative Chaos – part 7

We played this video last week and it’s pretty intense. We contemplated whether to play it or not and decided the message was too strong to let it go. I was nervous about it but I’m glad we did. We talked about being and example to our kids. check it out.

Stop by Ragamuffin Soul for more creativity.

The Moment of Truth

I happen to be flipping through the channel’s and found this show on fox, “The Moment of Truth”. Have you seen it? It was intense. I saw the show that everyone was talking about where the wife had to answer some tough questions about her marriage. Here’s a clip…

We’re doing “The Moment of Truth” as a marriage series next month. Robbie is going to be teaching on topics such as Bonding, Communication, and Parenting as it applies to marriage. He started blogging about this too. You can check it out here.

Here’s where we need you’re help. Give us some feedback on some questions we could use that would spark thought and maybe even make people squirm a bit. Here’s an example, “Have you ever used sex as a form of manipulation?” or “Do you ever wish you wouldn’t have had kids?”. That kind of stuff. I want to hear what you got. I need you to pull through for me on this one, blog world. Be creative. Be provocative. Start commenting. Go!!!