Drew Powell

Creative Chaos

Last week we covered the song, “Whatever it Takes” by Lifehouse to kick off our “The Moment of Truth” marriage series. This week we’re talking about communication and we’re covering John Mayer’s “Say”. It’s funny because we really don’t do many covers but it just worked out that way on this series. In addition, we added in clips from “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Brangelina. It has some good counseling scenes. Also, for a teaching opener we play “Moment of Truth” montage videos like this one.

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Creative Chaos

Last week we used the coffin idea (which I already blogged about). That went really well and we’re going to do a follow up to that this weekend. We also used a video that we shot of our lead pastor doing a mini sermon. It was filmed a few weeks ago when we had people write on that back of a card something they wanted to yield to God. We then took the cards outside and burned them. Here’s the video.

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