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Another great story and song
June 30, 2008, 9:16 pm
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I really don’t intend to repost everything that Brewster posts! I promise I can be original and creative!! It’s just too good not to repost. I think the stories behind these songs is what makes them so strong. People singing and worshiping through pain. It’s such a great example. I know this album is going to do some series damage (in a good way though).


“This is Our God” – Healer

After watching this on brewster’s blog, I had to repost it. This video gave me an instant injection of faith and hope. I first her this song at Crave. Although I was there to support my buddy Al, take it all in, and just check it out, this song made me forget all that and just worship. Spend the few minutes it takes and watch this video.

Favorite Artists

I go through music pretty quick so this list could change tomorrow. Here’s what I’ve had a pretty steady diet of.

– Starfield – I will go

– The Daniel Doss Band

– Leeland – Count me in

– Brian and Jenn Johnson

– Jeremy Riddle

– Lee McDerment

– Robbie Seay Band

– Brooke Fraser

– One Republic

– Lifehouse

– Ingrid Michaelson

Check out my man brewster’s blog. He’s always ahead of the curve of what’s new.

What are you listening to? What inspires you?

Easter Music Set

I had people asking what we had going this week so I decided to give a little preview. I won’t let it all out of the bag but here’s the tunes we’re doing.

“All Because of Jesus” – Fee

“Let God Arise” – Chris Tomlin

“How Great Thou Art” – hymn

“Jesus Paid it all” – hymn/Kristian Stanfill

“Clinging to the Cross” – Tim Hughes/ Brooke FraserĀ 

“My Savior Lives” – New Life Worship

In addition we’ll have a 7:00 sunrise service on the beach (cardinal approach). Thank God I have great team that can handle that. I don’t think I’ll make it to that one.

Music from last week

Here’s what went on in our world last week. Several people ask about the songs we do so here they are….

Love Song – Jason Morant (we do The Mill Band version)

Blessed be Your Name – Matt Redman

From the Inside out – Hillsong United

Take my Life (I am Yours) – Michael Neale

Hosanna – Hillsong United

there’s some great stuff coming up this week. I’ll post that later.

Great song and video by Brooke Fraser
November 16, 2007, 2:26 pm
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take a break from the current blog series and check this video out……

Weekend Highlights
  • Spent some quality time with the wifey. We went to the Hillsong United Conference, without kids.
  • Ate at Cheesecake Factory
  • Worshiped with the Hillsong United team (they were what you would expect)
  • Caught up with some old friends
  • Jamie and I were completely blown away by Brooke Fraser.
  • “Quit talking to God about your giants, start talking to your giants about your God” Phil Dooley (former Hillsong Youth Pastor)
  • Heard a great message on unity bringing about the glory of God from Andrew Gregory. (new Hillsong Youth Pastor)
  • Jamie and I will be sponsoring our first Compassion International child. We’ve wanted to do it for a while and we decided to go for it this weekend. We wanted to get a child around the ages of our children so we could get them involved.
  • Put in the call to bring in a new team member to the staff of The Beachside Church. He’ll make up for a lot of our weaknesses and help us to be more effective in ministry.
  • Great worship at our Sunday morning gatherings. It’s great to see new people starting to engage and connect with God.
  • Bought a mini-van. Jamie and I are proud new owners of our first mini van. Cool points down, practicality points up. (truth be told, i really like it)