Drew Powell

Dear Blog,
February 24, 2009, 5:11 pm
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Dear blog, I’m sorry I have neglected you so over the past few weeks. The truth is my heart has been stolen by a couple of your friends, Madam Twitter and Lady Facebook. They meet my needs far great than you. I feel like I’m actually talking to somebody rather then writing these messages into the unknown blogosphere. Plus, these other networks fit my busy and fast paces schedule. I have made quite a few relationships here though and for that I’m grateful. The beauty of it is, most of the relationships have continued over into twitter and facebook so I haven’t lost there plus I’ve gained a lot more. I’m not saying goodbye, my dear blog, but my visits will be far more infrequent. Here’s what’s been going on in the meantime….

– building a web/video presence at beachside. My goal is to first make God famous in the world and then Robbie O’brien as a close second.

– traveling to San Diego

– putting as much effort into being a husband and a father as I do being a worship leader

– being more intentional about songwriting

– trying to keep up with a church that’s growing like a weed, a good weed that is.

– having a birthday. I feel old but I’m not. I haven’t even hit my prime yet.

– trying to develop other leaders

– trying to develop myself as a leader

that’s just a glimpse….


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hahaha – oh cry me a river! You’re right – Twitter & FB win – reflecting our insatiable need to connect – and quick! 🙂

Comment by jangreggo

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Comment by Mike

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