Drew Powell

Election day thoughts
November 4, 2008, 2:08 pm
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There are tons of things running through my head today that I will keep to myself. Here are a few that I won’t;

– I don’t understand the street corner sign holding thing. Does that really work? More power to ya if you’re one of those people. It’s just not my style.

– I excited about the campaigning being over.

– I’m super excited about the commercials being over.

– I stood in line for roughly 30 seconds today. That was awesome. I’m glad I did not do the early voting thing. I just hope mine gets counted.

– It’s funny how passionate people get with so little information.

– I see how people are motivated by what affects them the most personally. If you are gay, that’s what motivates you. If you have poor health, you base your vote on the better plan for you. If you’re an air traffic controller, you base your decision……(jk, love you Ben, although your wrong…..again kidding….but not really)

– It is interesting to me how much America responds to charisma and excellent campaign management.

– Hopefully we’ll all stop arguing after today, or at least less. I think that’s wearing me down more than anything. It feels like the whole country is in an argument. It stresses me out.

– It’s amazing to see the camaraderie between two strangers who are voting for the same person. I wonder what it would be like if more Christians had that same connection? After all, we’re following the same person.

– No matter who wins, I vow to pray for them.

– I’m not scared.


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