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What the church can learn from Disney.
October 7, 2008, 8:30 am
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This blog could be really long but I’ll keep it short. I think the church could stand to learn a lot from Disney in the way they move people, handle staff, maintenance, up keep, etc. I’m sure as you pick it a part there would be many things we would not want to copy as well.

What I noticed this trip was mostly about “the experience”. As a church we strive to make it so easy and comfortable for people to get to the worship gathering. From parking, where to sit, etc. I’m not suggesting we quit doing this. I think it’s great and we should continue to pursue it. I just feel that sometimes we focus more on that then actually making it a worthwhile experience once they get there.

In order for me to get to the experience at Disney it took a lot of walking, several different modes of transportation, and fighting through thick crowds. To top it off, I paid a good amount of money to do it all. That’s just to get in the front gate! I thought to myself, “why do I do this”. Here’s what I came up with, apply where necessary;

  • First and foremost, my kids love it. They talk about it for weeks afterward.
  • You always know you can expect quality. From cleanliness to attractions, they do it right.
  • The place takes your mind off the cares of the world and allows you to get lost in the “magic”.
  • They are masters of “atmosphere”.

These are just a few things, the list goes on. I believe if we make our worship gatherings a place where people experience Jesus in a real way and add in the elements mentioned above, people will go through great lengths to get there and be a part of it.

What do you think?


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I think that’s a really great insight. We have been trying to focus on the ‘atmosphere’ at the youth gatherings as well. We are also about to put out a survey to ask people what it would take for them to have that kind of experience. I’m not discounting the power of God’s Word-just looking at our end of it and how we get it across. Good blog.

Comment by Craig

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