Drew Powell

Three programs that make my life easier

Planning Center Online – This program is amazing. I’ve really come to love and lean on this program for day to day operations. It helps you plan and keep organized all the people on your team, set lists, weekend programming, and songs. At this point, I really don’t know what I’d do without this program. It’s all online and easy to use. I know there are other programs out there as well. This one just seems to work the best for me.

MasterWriter – If you are a songwriter, this is a great tool to keep you organized. You can keep notes, mp3’s, lyrics, as well as copyright your songs through this software. If you’re not serious about writing or if you are already organized this might not be for you. However, for us that need a little organizational help, this program is great for keeping all your songs, ideas, demo’s, etc in order.

Propresentor – I was a mediashout guy for a while (which wasn’t too bad) except our PC kept crashing. I’ve been a mac guy for a while now so I went searching for a great presentation program that would work for mac. I came across ProPresentor and fell in love. It just makes sense (like everything else with mac). If you can’t figure something out, just do the most logical thing and it will probably work. This program is user friendly and I haven’t found any hang ups with it yet.

A lot of this stuff probably comes down to preference and what you know.

What stuff do you use that I should know about? What works for you?


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For me starting my day with the Bible, prayer, quiet times makes for a great day to look forward too..

I had attended a nice beautiful church for the first time and I could not help but notice that there was very few people in it and i could not help but wonder why next too..

And halfway through the service the pastor announced that the wednesday prayer meetings had been cancelled to allow more family times. Now I understood why the church was dying.


Comment by thenonconformer

“It just makes sense (like everything else with mac).” This made me smile a dirty little mac loving smile. I remember when … haha. Ableton Live is one of those programs for me as far as just having a super flexible program to work with music. Me love me some Live.

Comment by pkmo

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