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Who do you trust?
August 25, 2008, 3:19 pm
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I’ve been trying to stay away from blogging about the “Healer” scandal (I mean scandal mostly sarcastically). I do want to weigh in on whats bugs me the most about this whole situation.

If Christians continue to glamorize and make celebrities out of leaders it’s going to continue to give Christianity and Jesus a bad name.

We do it to ourselves. We set people like Mike Guglielmucci and Todd Bentley on an undeserved pedal stool and then are in unbelief when they prove to be human.

I’ve had people ask me, “Are you still going to that song, Healer?” like theres some kind of curse on it. Listen, the song is anointed but so are thousands of other songs. I never did the song because of the writer so I’m not going to stop because of him either.

The truth is, as he was leading the song with and oxygen tube in his nose, he was suffocating. Suffocating from an addiction that was killing him. To me, the song “Healer” increased in significance for several reasons.

A) Although he wasn’t writing it about cancer, I believe he sincerely wrote it as a cry for help.

B) I appreciate that the song talks about who God is, no matter where you’re at. “I believe You’re my Healer” as opposed to “Thank You that I’m healed” takes the focus off us and puts in onto Christ. It speaks of His nature and character. He is the healer whether you’re healed or not. I can sing this song when I’m sick and when I’m well. It puts the focus on him and off me.

C) They’re are many times I’m leading a song by faith and not feeling. Often we have to proclaim God’s truth and healing over our lives before it happens. I believe this is what Mike was doing.

I don’t look down on him, I identify with him. We all have things in our life that need healing.


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awesome man. you are right on it. im gonna post this on my blog. wow

Comment by bkblogger

yah this is good.

Comment by matt firmtone

Once again I am reminded…I am NOT the judge..only GOD knows our heart. I have not even heard about the scandal nor do I care. In the past I would have been searching to find out the garbage so perhaps I would feel better about my bad choices and mistakes but like you stated Drew, it’s about identifying with each other.

Comment by Theresa

I was visiting Beachside the day you sang “Healer” for the first time. Now, I don’t know about the background or about the controversy, but I can tell you, as a devotion writer who deals with illness and praising God through the pain, the song is right on. It isn’t about God healing us. It isn’t about fast-food ordering prayers. It’s about trusting God that He knows what He’s doing and that I am in His plan.

I loved the song and I loved the way is spoke to me.

Lately, in my writing, I’ve gone as far as to say that sometimes the healing is being sick. Sometimes it takes pain and sickness for us to acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers. We are healed spiritually by being sick in the first place.

I could write more, but it’s your blog, not mine. đŸ™‚

Comment by Marisa Gary

“If Christians continue to glamorize and make celebrities out of leaders it’s going to continue to give Christianity and Jesus a bad name.” Yeah, this is truth. It was actually people who tried to make David as a celebrity and made him enemy to Saul. Though David lost lot of his life in woods, God turned it to be a blessing. Treating leaders like celebrities is stealing God’s fruit from His garden.

Comment by Thella

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