Drew Powell

Freedom to take a risk
August 5, 2008, 2:25 pm
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One of the things that has been built into our DNA as a church from the beginning is the freedom to take risks. The evil step brother of that is failure. I revisited this concept with the launch of our new sat night worship gathering last week. This means our forth gathering for the weekend. I get a bunch of feedback on both sides of the argument. Some say its a fun service that works real well and others say it will wear you out. I guess it all depends on personal experience. The point is, sometimes in the church world, we won’t try anything because we’re so afraid it might fail. Therefore, we keep doing the same ineffective, “safe” things.

We’re going to do everything within our power to make it work. We obviously want it to succeed. BUT if it doesn’t, we’ll kill it. We’ll try something else. The great news is that we are growing and need to accommodate the growth somehow. I know that a sat night worship gathering is tame compared to the things that God is wanting us to do in the future.

I love not having the pressure to be tied down to a tradition. I love having the freedom to experiment, take risks, fail, and continue to find new ways to point people to Christ.


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Great point Drew. I do think we get lulled into the safe thing because it “works”. If you aren’t changing you are failing is something that comes to my mind. Glad to see you guys are trying new things.

Comment by Tyler

Success is the willingness to accept failure, so you keep on going. The biggest regrets that we will have at the end of our lives are not the things we tried and failed at but the thing that we didn’t and will never know.God has surely blessed all of you at Beachside and I am sure that he will continue to do so.

Comment by Neal Krajewski

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