Drew Powell

Sunday Recap
July 21, 2008, 10:01 am
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This week has been one of personal struggle. It’s interesting how times like these prove to be the most significant times of learning. Looking back I’m thankful that God cares enough to continue to work with me and teach me lessons. Here is my post weekend mind dump.

  • I said it last week but this series is shaping up to be a grand slam for our church.
  • I’ll never get used to seeing people grow in their worship.
  • Aren’t churches supposed to stop growing in the summer?
  • Why do I continually look for what God is going to do next instead of stopping to thank Him for all He’s done? I probably should balance that more.
  • Is it true that if God never did another thing that He’s already done enough?
  • Why is every line a question? (had to make fun of myself)
  • Weekends are shaping up to be crazy. With three services on Sunday, a Sat night starting in August, and 4 hours at Pip’s bar and grill on Sunday nights, I’m in need of some serious vocal strength.

I don’t ever mean to point to me or our church as if there’s anything worthwhile going on apart from Christ. I’m just blown away and what’s God is doing and hyped to be a part of it.


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