Drew Powell

Sunday Recap
July 7, 2008, 2:35 pm
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This Sunday was different for me because I wasn’t at my home church. Here are some of my thoughts from yesterday.

  • I love being away and missing Beachside. If I didn’t miss it there would be a problem.
  • I love being away and trusting that things will be taken care of. It’s no fun to be gone and worry.
  • It’s good for me to lead worship in front of different groups of people. It keeps me fresh.
  • I was able to go back to the church I grew up in. I’ve learned a lot there through the years and it’s nice to visit. I believe the people there want the best for me.
  • I’m learning who I can count on and more importantly who I can’t. I was burned…….again, by the same person. When do you stop giving chances? Whenever it is, I’m passed that point.
  • My brother flew me in his plane to a concert I was doing at a youth camp. The camp was small but worthwhile. The view from the plane when the sun is going down is amazing. God taught me some cool stuff on that trip.
  • I look forward to getting back to a somewhat normal schedule this week. The new house is coming together nicely and we’re really enjoying living here.

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