Drew Powell

Sunday Recap

Man, today was a great day and I’m exhausted. Here are some of the highlights from my favorite day of the week.

  • It was the last week of the “One Prayer” series and Perry Noble was incredible. Probably the best for us out of the three videos.
  • This series has stretched people with it being on video. Also, adjusting to other teaching/preaching styles has been a challenge for some. That’s a good thing.
  • People seemed to be pumped about the next series and everyone’s glad to have Robbie back.
  • We did music after the teaching this week and every service was powerful. I’m not sure if thats the reason why but it seems to be that way. I think the teaching provoked worship from people.
  • We started our first song and it sounded horrible. I looked down and noticed I didn’t have my capo on. Not only that but it was in my office. I had to stop the song, walk off the stage, and go find my capo. A humorous and humbling moment to say the least.
  • We had a great time out at Pip’s restaurant tonight. Myself along with a couple of friends played for several hours tonight and a bunch of people came out to listen. It was great to hang out and build stronger relationships. I could really see this Sunday night thing being an extension of our ministry at beachside.
  • Jamie’s sister and family are here from Nashville and it’s always great to be with family.
  • We start our move tomorrow. It’s going to be tough but will be great to be finally done with it.

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Ha, love the part about leaving the capo in the office… makes me laugh just imagining the whole scene now. I’d trade your weekend for the weekend I had, gotta love lightning!

Comment by Shane Stanton

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