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Engaging the culture

I know the title of this post is super cliche these days. Although I believe in it, I tend to shy away from anything overused. With that being said, I heard a great story at church on Sunday. A lady approached me about a song we did a couple months ago in church. She said, “Remember when you did “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer?”. I immediately thought, “Oh no”, another story of how we offended someone. The song just fit so well with the theme of the day and the band pulled it off great. She went on to tell me how that was her first time at Beachside and the first impression of our church (not going to lie, I was sweating a bit at this point). She proceeded to give me her story, one of physical and emotional abuse, and how she was trapped in a horrible relationship. When we did that song matched with the truth of God’s word, something snapped for her. It began a chain of better decisions that brought her to where she is today. She stood in front of me with tears in her eyes, thankful for the change God made in her. And to think it all started with a stupid Robert Palmer song! (sorry but it is)

I don’t write this to speak of how good we are. We miss it just as much as we get it right. Instead, I want to encourage you that God can use an infinite number of things to draw people to himself. Don’t be afraid to step out and try something. Last week we had someone play a song on “guitar hero”. It supported the content of the day but was really more for fun than anything. I don’t know that it mattered much BUT while it was going on, I saw 10 – 15 teenagers that I’ve never seen before sitting up front watching was going on. They heard we were doing and they showed up to check it out.

I’m not big on entertaining Christians. Not that I think it’s wrong, it’s just not my thing. I’m a worship leader and I’m most at home when the people are engaged and participating with me. However, we have to remember this equation. To entertain = to capture = to influence. As long as we’re pointing to Christ and staying true to His word.


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Good post.

When i read this line, “I want to encourage you that God can use an infinite number of things to draw people to himself.” it took me back to a thought I have every time I hear these stories.

Its totally crazy how God has woven the fabric of time so that events like ‘a stupid Robert Palmer song’ can do some serious goodness for someone else.

pretty cool

Comment by rlh27

Just goes to show that God can work through absolutely anything!

As for the entertainment piece, I do believe our current culture is influenced by our entertainment in a negative way. So why not use that same idea to show them a better way!

Just my two cents worth!

Comment by Christie

man. LOVE this post. So important to make sure your “show” does not get in the way of His intent, which is grace, love, and mercy.
love it man.

Comment by brewster

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