Drew Powell

Sunday Recap

here is my mind dump from this past weekends gatherings;

  • Although I enjoyed vacation I enjoyed getting back to the action. I love this church.
  • Robbie dismissed the rumors that he or I were leaving! I love a good scandal. We believe in what God is doing here more than ever and are honored to be a part of it.
  • My media director was out of town and the new guy stepped in and did a great job.
  • The first two gatherings were great but the the third struggled. I need to figure out how we can do a better job of ending strong. Maybe it’s fatigue or lack of concentration? any advice/suggestions?
  • My friend Diane came in and led with me. She did an excellent job. She is a worshiper to the core. It was good to sing with her again.
  • We did a song we wrote and it seemed to go over real well. I’m my own worst critic. Robbie told me this week to start using some of my songs or to stop writing them. I guess it sounds harsh but he knows me real well. He knows how I struggle with using originals and he was trying to motivate me. It worked. I appreciate his support.
  • I met a bunch of new people today excited about getting involved in ministry. It really pumps me up. Especially the ones that don’t like the “style” of our church but understand the vision and why we do things. That really gets me excited, when people can lay down their preference and support the mission.
  • I saw a lot of old friends today as well. Some were in from out of town, some just haven’t been to church in a while, some from other churches that were visiting. It was fun to see some familiar, encouraging faces.
  • I have to mention Robbie’s teaching. He really is emerging as one of my all time favorite teachers (and I’m not just saying that for brownie points, I don’t need them). This weekend the bottom line of the message was, “Is Jesus enough?”. It really hit home for me. Interestingly enough, since Friday’s staff meeting where he spoke to us about this, and since I’ve been trying to walk this message out by faith, Jesus has “been enough” in areas where I really needed him. He has opened up doors of provision in areas I was concerned about. When we get to a place where we understand how great a Father we have, the more we can rest in his care.

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Great to have you back Drew and Diane did a wonderful job as well.

Wow! I thought yesterdays worship service was awesome! I had first time guests with me who remarked they could feel the love of God as soon as they walked in. This is not the first time one of my guest have made that comment. God is doing an awesome work in Ormond Beach and through the leaders of this church-keep up the great work team.

Amazing that one of my friends and I heard really different things from Robbies teaching although both thoughts were good it’s interesting how we each hear God’s word a bit differently.

I want to say thanks to all those we never see working in the background who make worship such an awesome experience!!!

Comment by Theresa

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