Drew Powell

Leaders that influence

Here’s a short list of some leaders who currently have influence on me.

Robbie O’Brien – Lead Pastor of The Beachside Church. Robbie is an incredible visionary. God has used him over the past several years to help jump start an incredible movement in the Daytona Beach area. His vision for the future is massive and will have great impact.

Michael Neale – Worship Arts Pastor of The Peoples Church in Franklin, TN. Michael has been a friend, mentor, coach, etc for me for some time now. He’s one of the wisest guys I’ve ever met especially when it pertains to church life. I’m thankful for his willingness to take young guys under his wing and teach.

Gary Powell (my dad) – Pastor of Oasis Christ Fellowship in Ormond Beach. I’ve never known anyone with so much patience. He truly loves people and embodies the term “Pastor”. He’s devoted himself to pray and serve people. I aspire to have his kind of patience (something I have a deficiency of)

Carlos Whittaker – Programming director for Buckhead Church/ Blogger. I get a lot of creative ideas from Carlos. If there not from Carlos, they’re from a link or connection I’ve made through his blog. I appreciate his influence in the blog world.

They’re are many more like Craig Groeschel, Perry Noble, Tony Morgan, Rob Bell, etc. These are just a few….


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What!…im not on the list? what the heck. lol

For me I would be

michael neale..just 2 days with him at a conference changed things in me. Wish I knew him like you do

Robbie Reider: vineyard. The guy has been real inspiring

Furtick: Just great to see a guy like that with an amazing story of how Cool God is

Comment by klampert

haha.. i’m with this guy. really quite suprised that i didn’t make the list. lol

looking forward to rockin’ faces at Celebration Sunday! wwwaaaahhhhhooooooo

Comment by Missy

I’m reading Craig Groeschel’s book “It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It.” The illusive “it” is what attracts people and makes ministries effective. Craig says “it” can’t be taught, but “it” can be caught. God gives “it.” “It” has a lot to do with the Holy Spirit. Churches that have “it” are incredibly focused, willing to fail, led by people who have “it,” and those people see potential when others see problems. Craig says “the spark of passion ignites the fuel for innovation.” And he says “it” follows big vision. God makes “it” happen. “It” is from him, by him, and for his glory. You may want to watch brief videos about the book’s message at http://www.zondervan.com/it and http://floatingaxhead.com/2008/08/11/the-power-of-it/

Comment by Jon Petersen

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