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Messy Carpet
April 29, 2008, 7:26 am
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Robbie said something in his message Sunday that got me thinking. He talked about how our carpets at Beachside are stained and messy and it will always be that way. It marks the difference between a club and a mission station. A club is well manicure and caters to the “members”. A mission station is not worried about how the facility looks over the people that are in need of rescue. Although, a mission station still has to be organized to be sure that it can effectively accomplish the mission, the whole mindset is different.

Here are some other fundamental differences;

Mission Station

  • shows wear and tear of past rescue missions
  • people have battle scars, leaders carry the weight of failed missions and future mission
  • they don’t try to clean people up before the enter the station.
  • interested in turning people into future rescuers based on their experience of being rescued.
  • willingness and patience to rehabilitate people that have been hurt


  • for members only/ caters to members
  • have to meet the criteria to join/ jump through the hoops
  • Once your “in” you can feel good about yourself
  • great benefits for members/ VIP treatment
  • your proud of your club facility, not because of it’s history of helping people but because it’s well kept and hangs the trophies of the clubs successes.
  • focus internally, working hard to stay exclusive. members feel that if more people are included it will change and ruin the way things have always been done and they’ll lose their personal benefits.

I hope well always have coffee stains on the carpet and surf/skate boards laying around and wetsuits hanging up and so on.

which category do you lean towards and why? what are some other differences between a mission station and club?


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I absolutely love this post. It is how I feel about the “church” structurally. I really got tired of being a part of a museum filled with things that are not to be touched or broken. I was at one church and they were talking about building a multipurpose building, my comment was if you build it be sure to put money in to change the carpets. What I meant was, when we build the building it needs to be used, and if we are reaching the hurt and broken sometimes they will mess up our buildings, and that is ok. I dont even know if that makes any sense 🙂 Again LOVE THE POST, “MISSION STATION” is a great term for the what the church SHOULD be!!!

Comment by Ben Mills

yeah, I totally spilled my coffee on the floor right before he said that in the sermon on sunday. I felt so bad. then what he said made me feel better!!

Comment by Brandon LaVelle

Great stuff. Sadly, it’s the “churched” who get overly concerned about the buff & polish. I don’t want to be churched… I want to be Jesus-ed.

Comment by murphy24p

amen Murphy24! Please JESUS me!
Sundays message was awesome and gets all the stars there are!

Comment by Susan Kelley

This was a great statement. Maybe I could apply the thought to my carpet at home!!!….??? Hmmmm!

Comment by carlaboone

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