Drew Powell

Weekend Recap

sorry I’ve been missing from blogworld for a while. It’s been a crazy week. We had our missions concert on Friday night plus our normal weekend stuff. Here’s some highlights….

  • The worship/mission concert was amazing. packed house, crowd was electric, Tomoka played great. I believe we raised a good chunk of money for missions. I haven’t got the total yet. It’s a worship leaders dream to stand before an excited crowd, ready to worship.
  • Sunday was our second week in the “Blessed” series and it went real well.
  • It was one of those weeks where a lot of things were going wrong with the tech stuff all at once. Gus handled it well though and we made it through.
  • We did an acoustic set and intentionally brought it down a bit. I tried to teach a little about worship. I’m not sure how effective is was but it was a nice change of pace and fit the morning well.
  • I love the song “I need You” written by Josh Bales, covered by The Swift. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed. We did that in the middle of the sermon which broke it up nicely.
  • I don’t know why I’m still surprised by the crowds but I am. I have faith that God is working and every time a bunch of people show up in need of Him, I’m amazed at His power to change lives. I wonder where it takes us. It’s not like when we set out we decided we wanted to reach a numerical goal. We just wanted to be authentic.
  • I was telling some people this week, I don’t know where I could go and be completely who I am. Sure they’re are bigger churches, salaries, etc. But no where that fits me as well as Beachside (except for the fact that I don’t surf). I’m excited to grow as a person and leader here.

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i need you is an awesome song. i sang it on palm sunday. good choice.

Comment by Tyler

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