Drew Powell

Creative Chaos – pt 8

Check out the new stage set. Props go out to Missy and the rest of the worship team for making this happen.


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that is sick.

Comment by Tyler

I LOVE THIS!!! Can you share how they made them?

Comment by Judi Free.com

Here’s our process;

1. buy the 4×8, 2″ thick foam (only about 20 bucks a sheet).
2. Find the font you want and put each letter on a transparency, each letter as big as you can on each page.
3. Get an old school transparency machine and project the letters onto the foam.
4. Trace the letters while projected onto the foam.
5. Cut out the letters with a special “foam cutting hot knife” (don’t know the real name).
6. on this we left the plastic on the foam and used spray paint. A cream color for the base and then Missy put the swirls on there freehand with brown spray paint.
7. Hang them with fishing line.
8. On this one we back lit it and put some front light on it as well with some good ole par cans.

Hope that helps. any other ideas, send them our way….

Comment by drewjpowell

Very nice and simple. We use foam all the time for signage, but we’ve never backlit it.
thanks for posting the pics!

Comment by Paul Fowler

Sweet looking set! How long is the series? Are you doing any videos that will go along with it?

Comment by murphy24p

Man, that is fine!!!! Filing this one away in the “steal this idea” file.

Comment by createdtopraise


the series is 4 weeks. as of now I don’t have any video’s pertaining to the “Blessed” theme. we’re using some videos in worship. any ideas?

Comment by drewjpowell


Comment by brewster

[…] 26, 2008 I remember meeting Drew for coffee and talking about music, life, creativity, and how to make church and life better. Drew […]

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what are the colored things on either side of ‘blessed’ (they look orange and red to me)…how are they lit, what are they made of, etc? can you please e-mail me?

Comment by Emily

love this set, love the details…
we are just starting to consider using the foam.
So this is helpful.
In case you are still interested we’ve started a group on flickr specifically to share stage/set designs and experiential worship design elements for churches. Would love to have you share your designs.

Comment by dorothy (vicar of vibe)

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