Drew Powell

Creative Chaos – part 7

We played this video last week and it’s pretty intense. We contemplated whether to play it or not and decided the message was too strong to let it go. I was nervous about it but I’m glad we did. We talked about being and example to our kids. check it out.

Stop by Ragamuffin Soul for more creativity.


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Did you make this video? Holy crap it’s good.

Comment by Stephen

no man, we ripped it from youtube. it was a commercial so we did some editing to it.

powerful stuff.

Comment by drewjpowell

thanks for your blog Drew. We as Christ followers need to step up to the plate and live completely for God. We are not of this world but His. Praise Him always!

Comment by Yolanda Cintron

Where is the original on youtube?

Comment by Michael

here’s a link to it on youtube.

Comment by drewjpowell

Very cool… Very very cool.

Comment by scparris

Man, was that ever powerful. I’m speechless which doesn’t happen very often.



Comment by Joy

That is powerful–what a great reminder for all of us as parents and as Christ followers. Not just to focus on who is watching, but to be mindful of who we are to begin with.

Comment by Craig

wow, that’s awesome. so powerful; so true; such a necessary topic.

Comment by Rebecca Moon

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