Drew Powell

Sunday Recap
  • There seemed to be a real sense of joy in the room.
  • It was great to be on stage but not have to lead anything vocally. Missy and Emily did a great job taking us into the presence of God.
  • It’s always special when we do baby dedications. I love to see young families who are seeking God.
  • Robbie brought a hard hitting message on parenting. I was reminded and inspired that my kids will grow up to reflect the way I parent them.
  • I love stories. I kept stumbling into stories of how God is working in people lives. I saw many tears of thankfulness.
  • I’m blown away at how each week more and more people are coming to start this journey with us. If there’s anything I’m confident of, it’s that it has nothing to do with us and all to do with Jesus.
  • I’m shocked at the amount of support I get from older people. I never in a million years would have dreamed that they would be into loud music, untraditional atmosphere, etc., but they love it. They are so kind and encouraging and really set a great example for us younger one’s.
  • One man came to me after and said, “You’ve captured the music of the world and turned it for God’s glory”. I thought that was interesting yet cool. (although I believe it belongs to God in the first place and the worlds turned it) I understood and appreciated what he was saying.

I don’t write this email to boast or brag but to reflect on God’s goodness. There are many things I could criticize about the weekend experience as well. However, I’ve spent the majority of my life coming home from a weekend and tearing it apart without recognizing the greatness of God. That only produced frustration and false perspectives. I’m choosing from here on out to celebrate the faithfulness of God first and critique second.


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Can I just say that I thought my husband was brilliant at the 8:30 service?

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