Drew Powell

Creative Chaos: Creativity over Content

I think as creative people we have to be careful to not get carried away with creative elements. I think our nature is to be extravagant and our intentions are good. We can get lost in doing “cool” stuff but in the end distracts from the point. Here are a few things I try to remember;

  • The creative exists to support and promote the content
  • It should point to Jesus, not us.
  • If you can’t do it well, don’t do it at all.
  • It should engage people
  • Sometimes the most effective creative ideas are simple. Don’t overwhelm people by trying to do too much. It could be one song, or a graphic, or a video, or a prop. Pick the thing that’s really going to drive the message home and highlight it.

There are a lot a people over at Ragamuffin Soul that are great at this. check them out.

What are some other things that you try to remember that helps you be at your best when it comes to creativity? Help a brother out.


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Excellent points! One thing I stressed in my Creative Chaos entry this week is that creativity come from the Creator. So even if He’s the only One who ever sees them, that’s okay. It was from Him and for Him in the first place. lol

Comment by createdtopraise

I always try to relate the content to the people. I have seen several illustrations that have been good but not relatable.

Comment by Ben Mills

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