Drew Powell

Sunday Recap
  • not often am I moved by a sermon (sorry preachers, I’m a music guy) but today was one of those times.
  • got some really good footage of Danny sleeping on the futon in my office when I showed up this morning. He stayed the night.
  • the church continues to grow despite us. People are finding Jesus.
  • the worship team had fun today.
  • Gus, our media director, is really stepping up his game.
  • the cover of John Mayer’s “Say” went real well.
  • we had a new keyboard/mandolin player today. Adam was a great addition.
  • the services seem to be evening out as fas as energy and atmosphere. I don’t feel like one is significantly better than the others.
  • people are responding well to the series. They’re showing up for more on wed and coming back on the weekend to find out what’s next.
  • I feel like the staff is on the verge of going from a good team to a great team.

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hey man glad things are going so well. you all are in my prayers. i miss being around. keep seeking Him.


Comment by bkblogger

so this week was another one of those times that you were not moved by the sermon?? 🙂 did i misunderstand? if you were moved, this time, what was the one point that did it for you?

was wasn’t happy with the end again. i was also real worried about the impact of the teaching. it is a hard text to hear sometimes, and the one lady did get up and leave off the front row, 4 minutes into the message. i know it was the right thing but i wish i could do it over, better.

great teamwork and fun atmosphere

i spoke with one couple, first time visitors, and they loved it. even after the money talk and “wives submit to your husbands” on the same day!

Comment by robbie

i guess i should of said “today was one of those times when I was”!!

I thought your angle on the message was good. The moment where you were talking about the husbands role and relating it to how Jesus cared for His church was powerful.

I think if we’re not making people mad from time to time then our message is a little weak.

Comment by drewjpowell

I am new to Beachside Church…I absolutely love the worship, you guys rock! It is so refreshing to come to church and hear something new with real people breaking things down for us to use in our every day lives. I love the idea also of using music like John Mayer, he is one of mine and my 12 year old son’s favorites.

Comment by Mechelle

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