Drew Powell

Sunday Recap

Here’s my mind dump from yesterday.

  • Personally, the day started a little rough but I was able to push through. Personal victory.
  • I love doing what I do. Today was no exception. It’s a good gig.
  • The band felt really tight today.
  • The house mix sounded exceptionally great today.
  • The cover of “Whatever it Takes” by Lifehouse was a home run.
  • I’m excited about getting new people involved in the Creative Arts ministry. The “rookies” did great today.
  • I was expecting this week to be a downer after Easter but I was wrong. God’s doing something.
  • I feel a deepened hunger for worship in the people and in the worship team.
  • This sermon series on marriage and relationships has the potential to be one of the best yet. huge need.
  • Robbie’s message was a grand slam. I heard people talking of how helpful and timely it was to them.
  • I love hearing the stories of people’s lives being changed. I don’t want to ever get numb to it.

There are plenty of challenges that arise throughout a weekend but I choose to focus on the positive, the things that really count. If I’m not careful, I’ll allow the few negative to outweigh all the positive God is doing.


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I agree with you about Sunday. I’d add that the best measure of success for me will come this Wednesday night. First we’ll see how many people show up. Second, we will begin to know if the teaching will translate into practical help.
Lastly, I remember other church leaders calling the Sunday after Easter “black sunday” because of the drastic drop in attendance. Boy I hope that’s true because we had a packed house (75 less than our all time high last week!)
I wish that I could clearly see what God is doing quietly in the background. There is more going on here than I know…

Comment by robbie

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