Drew Powell

3 questions for growth
March 26, 2008, 8:51 am
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I’ve been thinking about discipleship a lot lately. I know discipleship is a big, churchy word which frankly I hate. Too often we automatically go to the stereotype and loose it’s meaning. To me, discipleship is mainly about growth. I’m the type of person who is hungry for growth. It’s just natural for me. Some people are ok with where they’re at and others are never satisfied. I fall into the second category. Not that it’s about right or wrong, it’s just where I’m at. I go back to three questions that are huge in my personal development.

1. Who am I being mentored by?

2. Who are my peers who I’m accountable to? 

3. Who am I mentoring?

Now, it’s totally up to me to make these three things happen. I have to pursue it. The process for fatherhood is different in the Spirit than in the physical.  In the physical, the father chooses to have the son. Most times in the Spiritual, the son pursues the father. Ironically, most people want to jump to number 3, eager to give advice. In my opinion, question 3 shouldn’t happen unless 1 and 2 are in full swing and healthy.

I’ll blog later on my personal standards and requirements for each of the 3 questions. I think you have to be very wise when it comes to finding and being a mentor. I also want to dive into what being a mentor is to me. I think we get it twisted and it becomes about ego and control.

Until then, think about these questions and fill in the blanks.


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Hey Drew. Thanks for the questions. I think they are great!

Comment by Pete Wilson

GREAT post drew. love it. lets catch up soon.

Comment by brewster

I believe that these questions may be just as important for maters of business as for matters of faith. Would you mind if I shared these with some of my business associates?

Comment by dgarman

I totally agree that the principle transfer. yeah, pass it along.

Comment by drewjpowell

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