Drew Powell

Unleash: main session 1
March 14, 2008, 7:45 am
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Here are some random things that I took away from Perry Noble’s first session. If they don’t make sense just ask. I’ll post the other sessions later.

Main Session #1
• When you figure it all out, that’s when God says you don’t need me anymore.
• If you’re not going to use the church God will take it back.
• Pray for an alarm to go off because it makes us aware.
• What is it God wants to do at my church?
• In the story of the prodigal son, the older son worked so hard that he missed his father’s heart.
• Are we working for God without spending time with Him?
• Your only going to know what God wants if you spend time with Him.
• Vision doesn’t come from a conference or book. This gives us inspiration without revelation.
• Most Pastors suck at being who God called them to be.
• The world doesn’t need another copycat church. They need us to find our unique calling.
• We have to put as much effort as possible into accomplishing our mission.
• Many times the church does something half way and then blames it on the Holy Spirit.
• If you want to grow you have to spend money.
• Vegas is growing because are willing to spend up to 7.4 billion dollars on a single building and the church argues over light bulbs.
• The only people that get mad when you preach on tithing are the ones aren’t doing it anyway.
• Barriers that get in the way are refusal to change, jealousy, and lack of understanding.
• It’s harder to change something that you’ve instituted.


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