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The Moment of Truth

I happen to be flipping through the channel’s and found this show on fox, “The Moment of Truth”. Have you seen it? It was intense. I saw the show that everyone was talking about where the wife had to answer some tough questions about her marriage. Here’s a clip…

We’re doing “The Moment of Truth” as a marriage series next month. Robbie is going to be teaching on topics such as Bonding, Communication, and Parenting as it applies to marriage. He started blogging about this too. You can check it out here.

Here’s where we need you’re help. Give us some feedback on some questions we could use that would spark thought and maybe even make people squirm a bit. Here’s an example, “Have you ever used sex as a form of manipulation?” or “Do you ever wish you wouldn’t have had kids?”. That kind of stuff. I want to hear what you got. I need you to pull through for me on this one, blog world. Be creative. Be provocative. Start commenting. Go!!!


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1.Does your wife/husband know about all your past relationships?
2.Are you having an unhealthy relationship with the opposite sex?
3.If I went through the recent history on your computer, would I be upset?

If I think of anything else ill come post in here.

Comment by hernseugene

wow is all i can say

Comment by Natalie


Thanks for posting this, Drew. This is heartbreaking and eye-opening.

Comment by TLC

How can these questions help a marriage unless they are asked in a safe environment? I have been a Christian since childhood and yet, still, I am broken and in need of a savior. Everyone wishes they had married someone else some time, everyone wishes they had never had kids sometimes, everyone wishes they had another life. It’s how we’ve fallen. We aren’t content with who we are and what we have because we use those things as a substitute for God. Of course they will let us down. If my husband knew every sick, unhealthy, or crazy thought that came into my head, it would only serve to break his heart, not promote intimacy. Is it truth with love, or a truth bomb? Both bring the facts; one heals and one destroys. This clip is a truth bomb.

Comment by Ariana

Ariana, thanks for your comment. I agree with most everything you say. I agree that the show is sick in many ways and not a good format for this kind of honesty. AND, I also agree that in my flesh, i can think and feel things that aren’t right. OR I can feel something in a moment of weakness that is not true for me across the board.

Also, the church should be a safe place. Too often it’s not and that’s a problem. The goal of the series is to bring attention to certain questions about our relationships in order to find some solutions. As you say, many people have these emotions and feelings but don’t know what to do with them. It’s not our goal to expose people but instead get them thinking in a real and honest way.

thanks again for you comment. I appreciate your thoughts on it.

Comment by drewjpowell

I’ve changed my blog so non-blogger people can comment now. Thanks for letting me know about it!
As for the church being a safe place, I have rarely found it to be so. It has (sadly) been a place for keeping up appearances and judgment, especially for those who have found Christ and should have “gotten it together by now,” as if salvation meant we could achieve perfection. Often, there is grace for the unbeliever, but rarely for the member.

As for a series that raises the hard questions, I think that covering them in a sermon and then setting loose the congregation to demand answers of one another or themselves could cause problems. A safe place is somewhere where one would not feel attacked, such as with a counselor or a neutral party. That way the questions get asked and answered with help steering through the hard answers. The goal of the series is admirable, but we, as broken people in need of a Savior are not so admirable. As someone who has asked and been asked extremely hard questions (such as those mentioned above) I’ve found direction and counsel to be very helpful. If not for help, my marriage may not have survived.

Comment by Ariana


I don’t want to sound argumentative because for one, I hate arguments and for two, I agree with you. I agree about the church, it’s sad but true. However, I’m still hopeful of what it could be, a place of love and not a place of judgment. Also, the point of the series is to provide practical, Biblical answers to these questions. Not simply as the questions and leave it there. The question is the starting point. We’re not doing our job if we don’t help point to the solution.

This discussion is helpful in shaping this series. thanks.

Comment by drewjpowell

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