Drew Powell

The story of “Drew vs. Goliath”
March 4, 2008, 8:08 am
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Here’s how the battle went down…..

I was pulling some weeds and came across this little guy. I call him “Goliath”.


He looks innocent and pretty but has a very dark side. Look closely at the very sharp thorn-like things.


Excruciating pain runs through my hand as I try to pluck “Goliath”. If you look closely you can see white spots on my thumb. It hurts much worse than it looks, trust me.


I go and get my “5 little stones” to conquer Goliath. Meet my little friend.


I won. Goliath is no more. I live to fight another day.



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ha ha ha “say hello to my little friend” lol

Comment by klampert

Thats so funny . My kids pic those all the time thinking there flowers and they seem never to rember they hurt .

Comment by Natalie

haha. you are the man. way to take control of the situation. reminds me a lot of our ping pong game; in control the whole time.

Comment by bkblogger

haha. thats funny as all get out. Lauren and I are sitting at the table laughing pretty hard I might add. see you soon.

Comment by benny79

Every man needs a battle to fight and a beauty to win. You have won the beauty in your life, BUT that battle, well…I’m sure it was a tough one.LOL!

Comment by Dave Anderson

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