Drew Powell

HE>i – story behind the tattoo


A few months back I got this tattoo (see pics above). I always wanted one although my friends and family thought it too be uncharacteristic of my personality. I saw another guy from a band in California have this tattoo. I thought if I ever get a tattoo then that would be the one I get. I was more nervous about the pain although it turned out to be a major let down and not hurt at all. I still love it very much and am super glad I got it. I already want another one but I’m going to wait awhile.

It has come to have a lot more meaning for me than I expected. The tattoo means “He is greater that I” and is from the scripture “He must increase, I must decrease” (John 3:30). Over the past several months, I’ve been doing a lot of pride swallowing. Pride doesn’t go down easy, it’s like swallowing nails. My ego has been challenged and I continually get the “opportunity” to deny myself. This has been great for my personal growth but frustrating and stressful at the same time. One of my favorite lyrics in a song is in “From the Inside Out” when it says “Your will above all else, My purpose remains, The art of losing myself In bringing You praise”. God has been teaching me the art of losing myself. He’s been showing me areas where pride has crept in unannounced and unforeseen. I have a long ways to go but hopefully I will continue to pursue a life of servant hood. It’s a great to be able to look down at my arm at have a constant reminder of what my attitude should be.

Thanks to Carlos Whittaker over at Ragamuffin Soul for displaying the tat on his blog. check it out. thanks dude.



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that is one of my favorite song lyrics 🙂

Comment by kaseyo

dude, i love your tat. i found it through los’ blog. its pretty stinkin sweet.
god bless

Comment by bryan2

you totally made me switch from blogger to wordpress. jerk.

Comment by hollandh87

Very cool my friend! Love the meaning. I’ve waited to get one till I find one with such great meaning as yours.

Comment by Ben Boles

amazing 🙂
its so cool to hear about what God is doing in you, and to see that u take it in well…of course with frustraition like you said, but the fact that u accept it makes it even more honest! and i like what your tatto means

Comment by Laura Chamorro

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