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My Confession

Last Sunday Robbie talked about confession. It was a powerful message. We started a new series at Beachside called “My Secret”. It’s a series that deals with addiction, sexual sins, and shame. Robbie went out on a limb and asked people to publicly confess their sin by calling out one word. I was afraid people wouldn’t do it. It’s rather intimidating. Robbie asked the question, “Is this a place of grace or judgment?” Everyone yelled out “grace” and one by one people spoke their “word” of confession into the air. (I’m basing this on the 8:30 services, I wasn’t in there for the others.) It was one of the more real and authentic moments I’ve every experienced in a church setting. Kudos to Robbie for having the guts to ask a question like that with the chance of being left hanging publicly.

When the worship team was in the “green room” we also had an impromptu confessional. It’s something we don’t do often in our culture. I know some religions make a practice of it but that can sometimes be used as a “get out of hell free” card instead of true repentance.

When was the last time you confessed your sin? When was last time you did so publicly? There so much freedom in it when it’s done with a pure heart. Check out www.mysecret.tv. It’s an online confessional that we are using as a resource during this series.


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Confess your sins online at: http://iconfessmyself.blogspot.com

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