Drew Powell

A day in the life of a servant
February 22, 2008, 1:11 pm
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There are times when I really question why I do what I do. Yesterday was one of those days. I love music, media, being creative, connecting with people, etc but this ends up getting about 10% of my time while the rest is filled with “dealing” with issues and problems. I’ve watched my dad pour his life out into people from the church. These same people are the ones that turn there back, walk away when you need them most, say and do all kinds of hurtful things, and leave you to pick up the pieces of your church and family. I often times find myself in the same boat, questioning whether or not I want to put myself and my family through this in the long term. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I realize that I (we) have been called to be servants of Christ. It’s easy for us to glamorize Christianity but that was never the intention of Jesus. Actually, His call was to come and die, to fellowship with Him in His suffering. Not a real “seeker sensitive” message but really drives to the core of who we are as Christ followers. I serve people in the church because I love them but that’s not the reason that sustains me or my primary objective. I serve people because of a love for Christ that is acted out by me loving people. So, when people let me down it’s ok and even expected. It doesn’t mean it’s easy but I find my joy in serving Christ, not man. I wonder how Jesus felt when the ones closes to Him, the ones he spent most of His time loving and teaching, betrayed Him. Thinking of that helps give perspective.

I thank God for many close friends that I trust and I know have my back. They’re friendship is based on who I am and goes beyond where I work, what I do, or what I can give them.  True friendship is about what you can give. Robbie has been posting some cool stuff on friendship. You should check it out.

Challenge: Do something unexpectedly nice for a friend today. Leave a comment of what you decide to do. Be creative. I guarantee it will mean more then what you know.


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Drew, great blog man, great message. I had to dry some clothes this morning and my roommates clothes were still in the dryer. Instead of putting them simply on the couch, I folded them nice and neat for him.

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