Drew Powell

“The Shack”

I read quite a bit. I wouldn’t say I love reading but I love growth. I find myself reading a bunch of leadership/self-help/church growth/ church strategy books. They’re good but after I while it leaves me feeling really dry. I asked my buddy if there was anything out there I could read that would get the creative juices flowing yet really speak into my life. Without hesitation he suggested, “The Shack” by William Young. It’s a Christian Fiction book in which I generally would pass on. Let’s be honest, without naming names, a lot of the Christian fiction stuff out there sucks and just isn’t my thing anyway. Plus, I hate tacking “Christian” on to things as a label (that’s a whole other blog). HOWEVER, THIS BOOK IS ROCKING MY WORLD!!! It’s one of the best reads I’ve ever indulged in. It’s full of suspense and wonder but what I was shocked at was the deep theology and spiritual truth. It’s really challenging my faith and teaching me some great things all through metaphor and analogy. Similar to a Pilgrims Progress type thing only awesome. It’s one of those you can’t put down because you have to find out what happens next.

Who knows, maybe I’ll become a Christian fiction guy or maybe this is a one time shot. All I know is you should do yourself a big favor and go get “The Shack”.


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It is can be deeply misleading about theology too. The picture of the trinity is full of issues and problems.
Try reading this review of the book: http://www.challies.com/archives/book-reviews/the-shack-by-william-p-young.php

Comment by Nick

May I suggest another Christian fiction title to you, if you like suspense and spiritual issues being explored. “Outcasts of Skagaray” by Andrew Clarke. If you feel inclined I would be interested to hear what you think of it.

Comment by Andrew Clarke

thanks guys for the comments!!! I’ll have to check that book out for sure. I enjoyed that review of the book as well.

I agree that you shouldn’t take any book as law. I just enjoyed the fresh take on things that this booked provided. It helped me grow in my faith while realizing that it is fiction and has limitations. My relationship with God is a journey in which no point will I feel like I’ve reached a destination. I fear for the place where people form concrete views on things with out being open to further revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Comment by drewjpowell

oh man…you beat me to it…I just finished this a few days ago. I read that other review also and all 900billion comments. lol. I looked at it as fiction. It was not all biblical, but even so it was challenging and really inspirational. This is not doctrine. It is a good fiction book that gives another view at the trinity

Comment by klampert

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