Drew Powell

Mission: Costa Rica


Jamie and I are taking the plunge and going to Costa Rica in June. We have 60 people signed up to go from our church and it looks like it will be an amazing trip. It really started with Jamie feeling like she should go and them me coming around later. I was going to stay home with the girls but I feel like it’s an experience that we should both be a part of. It will be hard to leave the girls for a week but I know we’ll be better parents when we return. Jamie and I are passionate about giving our girls a more global view of the world as much as possible. It’s easy to stay in our bubble here in Florida. So, we’re off to Costa. I’ll keep you posted throughout the process.


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man, i wish i could join with everyone. I have been wanting to go on a missions trip for so long. Eventually it will work out. God is going to do great things with you all in Costa. You should make sure Rob goes with you all.

Comment by bkblogger

I went to Costa Rica for a trip and my heart was broken. What part are you going to?

Comment by ahavens

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