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Sermon Series feedback
January 31, 2008, 2:43 pm
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As I write, I’m hidden in a room in the bottom of a hotel with two of my good friends trying to decide what God would want to say through sermon series this year (wow, run on sentence.)

The point of a series is to take anywhere from three to six weeks to concentrate on a topic within out church community. (wow, another one.)

I want your feedback. What do you need to hear? What issues are you dealing with? What is the church not saying that we should be?


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We are going to be doing a series on relationships with the teens very soon–relationships with friends, parents, boyfriend/girlfriend and God. I think that all ages would benefit from that–obviously changing the context for adults–marriage, church, God, etc. Just a thought. I’ll pray for you guys today as you plan.

Comment by Craig

Looking around, I think people struggle with the relationships in their lives the most. Whether it is parents, spouses, children or neighbor, we have somehow failed to learn how to relate in a healthy way to our fellow images of God.

Also this whole giving up control thing, too! Which I am sure has nothing to do with the former remark!!!!(sarcasm)

Comment by Christie

A relationships series is necessary.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Husband/Wife. Bestfriends. Bandmates, dance teammantes… anything you can think of.
Thats what I need to hear.


Comment by Lindsey

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