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off to camp….
January 17, 2008, 1:26 pm
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I’ll be leading worship over the next few days at a camp in North Florida. I’m excited to go because I think the time away will help me as much as it will help the students going. I get burned with the whole “camp” experience. I guess I’ve just seen so many come and go and it wasn’t very effective in the long term. The leaders of this camp hope to change that. I really like their approach. My hope is that we can get the students to drop their expectations of “camp” and really focus on God. A lot of time the mentality is that the band should really entertain therefore making a good camp worship experience. The goal this week is for that not to happen but really take the attention off of us.

I’m not sure what the internet situation is like up there so I may be out of blog world for a while. Pray for us.


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Drew, I hope your camp experience this weekend changes your mind a little about what camp is all about. I agree with you about changing the focus of a worship band leading worship from entertainment to actual worshiping God. Sometimes I think that worship bands are used to be the entertainment to bring people into the church to hear the Word. On the one hand, we should do whatever we can to bring the Word of God to the lost, but I can see how it would be hard for you being seen as entertainment and not truely leaders of worship.
The camp you are going to is dear to my heart. That is where I made my decision for Christ when I was ten years old and where I baptised both my girls. Over the years, I have seen many children come to Christ at that camp, which is the main focus, saving souls. So, I hope this comment will maybe change your feeling about the effectiveness of the camp experience.
I will be praying for you and the teenagers up there this weekend. I have felt lately that we are losing kids to the world and it breaks my heart. Hopefully this weekend you guys can turn their focus and heart back to God.


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