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In the moment
January 15, 2008, 1:36 pm
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My wife says I’m bad about being in the moment. She’s right. I always have something going on. For some reason I can’t just sit. I have to be on the computer or phone or something. It’s really pretty bad. My new thing is brickbreaker. It’s the game that comes with the blackberry. Yesterday I moved up to a ranking of around 7000 in the world. You know you’re impressed.
Sometimes life gets busy and there’s really nothing you can do about it. I have good intentions of a clear schedule and then somehow it gets really crowded. I heard the youth pastor from hillsong say that sometimes you don’t get much time but the time you do have to really make the most of it. I want to be better at that. Yesterday there were several moments that I wanted to freeze frame and just live in for a while. One of my mentors is in town and he was speaking at a local church. The stuff he said was so good I wanted to just pause everything and just hang for a bit. I love when my girls sing. Especially when they sing Leeland songs. I want to take those moments in so deep that I don’t ever forget them. I actually prayed while they sang for God to help me always vividly remember the moment.

I challenge you today to not let life go by so fast that you don’t enjoy the special moments God gives us.

The Girls Singing


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I love this post! I am very much the same way. I only remind myself to try to be in the moment on special events like holidays and vacations….just enjoy….instead of thinking or doing something. I tell myself I need to do it- I just never do! I am so bad that I actually have to do something on commercials when watching TV- like read in between!!!!
Well, the first step is acknowledgment, right???????

Comment by eanquinn67

I appreciated your thoughts on being in the moment. The older I get the more I know Jamie is right. I think we are so busy with Christian work sometime that we miss the walks in the coolness of the day with our Lord.
Pastor Dave

Comment by Dave Anderson

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