Drew Powell

WOW!! What a Day!!!

Just an update on “Celebration Sunday”. It was an amazing day. I really don’t know how to describe God’s love and faithfulness to us. It was definitely emotional to see where God has brought us as a church community in such a short time. Here are some of the highlights for me;

  • The crowd was electric. Everyone came to worship and you could really feel the presence of God.
  • Looking out over a packed auditorium of lives that had been changed.
  • The band was off the chain.
  • During “Jesus Paid it all” two crosses were brought in and people lined up to “nail” their pains, problems, requests, answered prayers, etc to the crosses. Powerful stuff.
  • Robbie threw down one of his best messages. It was full of vision for the future and “Kingdom” principles.
  • Walking the halls and hearing the buzz of children singing and learning about Jesus. Props to Sherry Wilhite and her family for coordinating all of that. Probably the most challenging job of all.
  • Having an overwhelming amount of people volunteer to make this day happen. The response of the people to serve was incredible. Frank, Jeanette, and family did a great job organizing all of that.
  • Jack and Lisa Fishers team of people that coordinated the cookout afterwards. Jeff and Tim started at 4 in the morning on the grilling and the property was crawling with people building relationships with each other.
  • Last but not least, taking a massive nap and finishing the day with a Cheggnog Latte (Chai tea and egg nog) from Starbucks with my family.

I can’t wait to hear more stories of how people were impacted by this experience. It seemed like everyone was moved and overwhelmed by the Spirit that was there. If you have stories, send them to us. Our email is office@thebeachsidechurch.com.


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