Drew Powell

“Jesus is the Reason for the Season”
November 26, 2007, 4:43 pm
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Although it’s true, I hate that line. It embodies everything that bugs me about the holiday season. Every year I dread the days following Thanksgiving when the radio stations start playing that awful Christmas music. I’m just not into that stuff at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but the overly cheerful, bubbly “thing” that happens around this time of year just gets annoying.

I started thinking about that as Jamie and I were putting up our Christmas tree (and the girls were trying to take it down). What is it about this time of year where you can almost feel an excitement in the air? There’s a certain unexplainable “vibe” you get. Probably for some it’s the break from school, the chance to see family, or give and receive gifts. There’s probably many reasons. This year it really hit me as to why we go through all the work and preparation that goes into this season. Maybe for the first time I started to really get excited about celebrating the birth of Christ. It really changed my whole perspective on this time of year. I started seeing the decoration and the shopping and everything that goes into Christmas as celebration of one of the greatest if not the greatest day in history. Even the act of buying gifts for others (which I’m usually not real big on spending money on other people. sorry, it’s a hangup) became more meaningful when I viewed it through the eyes of celebrating Christ. I guess I just always got caught up in the hype. This year will be different for the Powell clan. We are going to spend the season giving and thinking of others to show our love for our Saviour King.


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Terrific post, Drew – thanks! I agree, there’s something magical that takes place at Christmas; hence the term: Christmas Spirit. I’m glad this year will be different for you this year. Merry Christmas! http://whereschristmas.wordpress.com/

Comment by troper

I laughed as I read how you feel about Christmas music, because I always say that is my least favorite thing about this time of year. My parents always call me the Grinch, not because I don’t like Christmas, but that I think so many people get away from the true meaning of it. I’m glad that you want your kids to know what it is really all about.

Comment by Jess

I love this time, I understand why you may get discouraged by so many people that seem to worship Christmas for other reasons then Christ. A good thing is that people are aware to the reason for Christmas even if they don’t believe and that leaves an opening. I believe God does not mind as it is a step ( as small as it is ) closer to him. I also love the season as I can listen to my favorite song and not seem weird as much as when I listen to it in July. Keep up the great work Drew.

Comment by Mike

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