Drew Powell

What makes an effective worship leader. (2 of 5)
November 13, 2007, 2:40 pm
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This may be a little dry and seem “anti-spiritual” but it’s important. God gives us giftings and desires long before he shapes them for His purposes. When I was younger, I didn’t start playing music because I wanted to be a worship leader. It was because I wanted to be a rock star or play in a band with my buddy’s or because the rest of my family did. Not because I had a passion for people to draw closer to God. God knew that later in life that this training and preparation would assist me in leading others into His presence.

Obviously, worship happens regardless of talent. My point is, if you are going to be leading others in worship through music you have to be accomplished enough with your talent to not be distracted by the musical aspect. You have to be able to concentrate on leading and not on playing the music. I’ve seen worship leaders that have great heart but can’t lead because they are too worried about what chord is next. My encouragement to all worship leaders is to always be honing and improving your craft, no matter what level you’re at. Take lessons, surround yourself with those better than you, don’t be intimidated by them. A strong leader always surrounds themselves with those who are better. This just allows us to concentrate on our gifting and to better accomplish our end result, connecting people with God.


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