Drew Powell

Weekend Highlights
  • Spent some quality time with the wifey. We went to the Hillsong United Conference, without kids.
  • Ate at Cheesecake Factory
  • Worshiped with the Hillsong United team (they were what you would expect)
  • Caught up with some old friends
  • Jamie and I were completely blown away by Brooke Fraser.
  • “Quit talking to God about your giants, start talking to your giants about your God” Phil Dooley (former Hillsong Youth Pastor)
  • Heard a great message on unity bringing about the glory of God from Andrew Gregory. (new Hillsong Youth Pastor)
  • Jamie and I will be sponsoring our first Compassion International child. We’ve wanted to do it for a while and we decided to go for it this weekend. We wanted to get a child around the ages of our children so we could get them involved.
  • Put in the call to bring in a new team member to the staff of The Beachside Church. He’ll make up for a lot of our weaknesses and help us to be more effective in ministry.
  • Great worship at our Sunday morning gatherings. It’s great to see new people starting to engage and connect with God.
  • Bought a mini-van. Jamie and I are proud new owners of our first mini van. Cool points down, practicality points up. (truth be told, i really like it)

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Love it that you finally got your mini van! Welcome to the taxi cab family of parenting!

Comment by Missy

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