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What makes an effective worship leader. (1 of 5)
November 8, 2007, 3:19 pm
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This series of blogs are my observations as to what makes an effective worship leader. Although, it’s geared specifically towards worship leading, these principles apply to all areas of leadership. There are obviously many more factors that apply. These are just some of the more noticeable ones for me. These aren’t in any specific order as to which are more important. I also don’t mean to imply that I have any of these mastered, just my observations. So here we go;

  • preparation

This subject I feel strongly about. The church has a tendency to take young, talented musicians and throw them into leading worship. I understand the need/lack of musicians and leaders but it does the young musician such injustice. I know this because I was one. Fortunately, I was one that made it out the other side, learned from mistakes, and it didn’t mess me up long term (at least I think it didn’t). The problem is the lack of mentoring in the church. Maybe because of pride, fear of someone being better, or fear of losing a job, I’m not sure what. I don’t mean to bash the church, just to recognize the need. It’s important for young, aspiring worship leaders to spend a substantial amount of time being mentored under an experienced leader. This is not only for young musicians but maybe young as far as experience goes. Even for established worship leaders, we should continue to seek accountability and mentoring from wiser, more experienced leaders. Some of the best worship leaders are the ones who are submitted and continue to submit themselves under Godly leadership.


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great post…cant wait to read the rest…you are dead on here

Comment by klampert

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