Drew Powell

Celebration Penalty

I was watching the Florida vs. Georgia football game yesterday and was intrigued by the Georgia coaching staffs strategy. The coach told his team that he would be mad if Georgia didn’t get a celebration penalty in the first quarter. Sure enough, Georgia scored the first touchdown of the game and the entire sideline ran onto the field to celebrate. They ended up with a 30 yard penalty but a message was sent to the favored Florida team. As I was watching the game,  I felt horrible. My kids passed on their sinus infection they had to me. Although I love Sunday mornings at The Beachside Church, I dreaded having to get up early in the morning and lead worship for three services feeling sick. When I saw what Georgia did, it remind me of how the psalmist would stir himself up by saying, “bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within me bless his Holy Name”. The writer was more or less giving himself a pep talk. Georgia went on to win the game and I have to believe that their mindset had a big part of it. I was determined to worship God regardless. I told the the worship team before we went out that I would be upset if they didn’t get a celebration penalty within the first service. We had three great services today and the worship team really gave it their all. They sounded amazing and really carried me with their energy. Sometimes it takes us pressing through and worshiping God even when we’re not feeling it. Georgia wasn’t supposed to win but their attitude was the first step in helping them overcome the odds. How is your attitude affecting your outcome?


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