Drew Powell

Sunday Rat Race
October 22, 2007, 12:19 am
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Some Sunday mornings can feel like such a rat race. Between sound check/rehearsal, getting everything set back up from the last concert, to all the other little things that go into three Sunday gatherings. Today didn’t feel that way as much. There was a real chill vibe. The worship team sounded great, Gus had a great mix in the house, and the new drum set up seemed to work real well. Plus, when we weren’t playing, the worship team had a chance to just sit and hang in my office which was cool. I’m going to try to make my Sunday’s more like today. I think a big part of it was being prepared ahead of time and then just letting it all go come service time. I was there at 5:30 this morning just so I could have some down time. It seemed to work pretty good. The big thing for me is to do my part as a worship leader and let God handle the rest. Too many times I try to help God out by trying to control every aspect. How relieved God must be to know I’ve got His back in case He needs me to step in and take over!!!


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Drew you are such an awesome worship leader. I remember you telling me and Rob about getting to Church even earlier than the rest of the band to prepare, rest, sit, pray, and its cool to see that it is working and God is blessing your hard work. In the short time this summer helping out and being around you, I learned so much about life, leading worship, and you even helped me get over the hump of getting a tat. lol ha!
You are such a blessing to me and Beachside! Very thankful for the time I get to spend with you.


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