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Trim your trees
October 16, 2007, 6:32 pm
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I know I’m a blogging machine lately but I’ve just been seeing truth everywhere and want to put it down. My friend brewster warned me this would happen. Everything becomes a blog.

We just moved not too long ago and I’ve been neglecting my yard pretty bad. It’s not something I enjoy at all and would rather just hire it done. Our neighbors on the other hand have beautiful yards and are constantly working in them (retired). So as I began to trim my trees and bushes, several of my neighbors whom I have never met before came out of the woodwork to see what I was doing. My impression was that they have been talking among themselves and wondering when I was going to get around to working on the yard. They were all so excited to see me out there and were willing to help and lend me tools. When we started talking and getting to know each other better I found that I was ashamed to say I was a “worship pastor”. Not because I’m ashamed of what I do but because I was ashamed that I had neglected my yard so bad and didn’t want it to reflect poorly of how they view followers of Christ to be. See, we are called to be disciples of Christ. A disciple is one who represents his leader in everything they do, hence the root word of discipline. Sometimes as Christians we think this means reading our Bible, praying, going to church, etc, but then we neglect other areas of our life that are equally as important. People are watching how we live, not the rituals we partake in. In the past, I’ve struggled with things like morbidly obese pastors preaching about discipline. You’re either a disciple or not. You don’t get to pick and choose the more convenient areas of discipleship. It’s easier for me to sit in starbucks and read a good book and call it discipleship than to get to the gym and get this temple of the Holy Spirit in good condition. The point is not to judge but to reflect on the areas of our life that are sloppy and undisciplined. I think as “Christians” we should quit letting the standard of our walk with Christ only be things like sunday morning attendance, cussing, drinking, etc., when we really should just go out and trim our trees.


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Amen my brother. double amen

Comment by Susan Kelley

Ok, something in this one struck a chord with me; I agree with you on this. We really need to take every bit of our life and giving it to God. Good job, man…….

Comment by Bill Jenkins

I am feeling it bro! So true.

Comment by Kelly T

thanks for the props. good blog.

Comment by bfunky7

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