Drew Powell

Our Father’s Joy
October 5, 2007, 11:48 am
Filed under: blessing, blog, blogging, children, Father, relationship, seaworld, vacation

Yesterday I took my family to Seaworld. I believe God was trying to teach me something as I watched my children. As a Father I do many things for my children that I probably wouldn’t do if they weren’t in the picture. Like I probably would never go to a theme park (just not my deal). But I go because of how much they love it. I’ve made this transition were I no longer watch or care about the shows as much but instead focus my attention on them and how much they are enjoying it. In return, every time Shamu would jump or something would happen, they would look back at me and we would share a laugh or a hug. It was no longer about what was happening as much as it was about relationship. I started thinking about the blessings in my life that God has given me. So many times I receive a blessing and keep on going full speed without showing much gratitude. I believe God wants to bless our lives but he’s more interested in the relationship part. The times when we turn to him with thankfulness and love. We are our Father’s delight and as he blesses us he is watching and waiting for us to respond to Him. That what he loves the most. It’s then as His children we can take our eyes off whats around us and center on Him and enjoy a loving relationship with our Father.

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